1. Twining

At the beginning of your tights you'll find a single nylon thread.

Just like your favorite cookies that only your grandmother knows how to bake,
the tights' ingredients are a family secret, to be treated with love and care.
Like the perfect cookie dough that needs to rest, the single nylon thread needs
to acclimatize in a closed environment for up to 1 month at 65% humidity and 22 degrees
Celsius before it can be further processed. What taste is to your favorite
cookies is a glorious aesthetic - a perfectly even mesh structure to our tights.
What both taste and mesh structure have in common is that they require patience and know-how.



First, these machines produce single leg tubes which are not yet colored but “white”- We can guess that your grandmother does not add the cookie sprinkles right away either.
Then it is time to bake. In huge steaming ovens the two leg tubes are individually steamed in order to shrink them into your size. Of course, our factory workers don't lose sight of the oven while your tights are in there, but rather wait expectantly for the timer to ding.
2. Knitting and Steaming

While we do not know your grandmother’s secret recipe and unfortunately may never discover it, we can guess that she does not stop her baking despite the high calorie count. Similarly, for each pair of tights, highly specialized knitting machines need to process an astonishing 12 kilometers of yarn applying one of three main knitting techniques.


3. Cutting and Sewing

Just as your grandmother sandwiches two cookies together .

Just as your grandmother sandwiches two cookies together
(In some instances with marmalade, but who are we to know?) the tubes of
your tights are sewn together and the toes are sealed. This process is a well-maintained
secret for the both her and us, allowing your tights to be seamless and your cookies
to get their distinctive taste. To ensure our high-quality standards, we do this by hand,
while your grandmother’s own, covered in dough and sticky sugar, prepare for the final steps.

5. Forming

We believe that looks are important too. While your grandmother gets rid of excess chocolate on the sides of the cookies, we pull your tights over metal leg outlines and place them in a steamer where they are treated with temperatures of 100-125 degrees Celsius to receive their final shape - which will retain - regardless of repeated washing.




6. Quality Control

It's time to check.

In case your grandmother is a perfectionist like our floor workers,
now is the time that she checks each of her cookies for any flaws beyond
the superficial chocolate cover. After all, only the best is good enough for you.
Sharing her commitment to delivering you only the best, we check your tights
throughout the entire production process at random and individually inspect
each pair of tights before packaging according to 21 clearly identified
quality criteria such as handling, elasticity and stretching.