The Knitty-Gritty of it

WoW Knitting Techniques

The Alternate Knitting Technique switches between a double covered Elastane and a pure Polyamide every second row. We apply this technique to produce transparent or semi- transparent tights that emanate a pure and elegant shimmer, such as our best-selling Satin Touch 20 Tights.

The Plaited Knitting Technique combines two different yarn types, the main yarn, which can be individual or alternate, and the plaited yarn. As in the case of the Velvet Deluxe 66 line or the reinforced toe (Individual 10 Control top tights, Individual 20 Tights), this technique allows us to strengthen the entire product or delicate parts of a product by applying the plaited yarn where needed, increasing durability. Additionally, this technique allows us to apply patterns with the plaited yarn to our products, as in the case of our Triangle Tights.

When we apply the Individual Knitting Technique, a double covered yarn is enmeshed in every single row. This means that we knit with a yarn that is comprised of an Elastane in the middle that is twisted twice by Polyamide.
The three-dimensional knitting technique allows for a very even mesh structure and a perfect fit, given that Elastane is enmeshed in every single row. Additionally, this technique ensures high durability because the Elastane is always protected by Polyamide.
Examples of the individual knitting technique in our product range are the Fatal Tights, the Individual 10 Tights and the Buenos Aires String Body