Nature is at its most enchanting on the shores and mountaintops 
surrounding Lake Constance. This is the perfect setting for
all sorts of excursions centered
around the world-famous lake.
The small but lively city of Bregenz boasts a vibrant atmosphere perfect for a getaway.





Renowned architects such as Hans Hollein, Jean Nouvel, Peter Zumthor, Baumschlager / Eberle and many other “Vorarlberg construction artists” have shaped the region's contemporary architecture – and have left their mark on Bregenz.

The Festspielhaus and the Kunsthaus are characterized by steel, glass and concrete. The emphasis on sustainability does not end with timber buildings as evidenced by the opera events in the Festspielhaus and the productions of the Bregenz Festival that take place on the Lake Stage: here the guests are served organic, seasonal products, such as the many varieties of regional cheese.
Bregenz embraces modern art and architecture while maintaining a traditional style and way of life that is truly unique to the region. A quick walk around Bregenz is a visual feast of streets and buildings that have maintained their original character, lending a wonderful feeling of history to the sights and sounds of the bustling city. 

The intermingling of past and present characterizes the city and the region as a whole. One gets the sense that Bregenz is moving confidently into a new age while taking care to maintain traditions and a way of life with roots stretching back hundreds of years. In a world that often seems torn between modernity and tradition Bregenz has chosen to have both, and its difficult to argue with the wisdom of that decision after seeing the result. 

When traveling around Bregenz it would be impossible to overlook the striking beauty of the mountains it is nestled between. A quick glance in any direction will be rewarded with soaring peaks, beautifully snow-capped in the cold season, that never cease to amaze.


In addition to being a boon to tourism, the mountains are enjoyed by locals on a daily basis for hikes, skiing or just a quick cup of coffee with a spectacular view. 




Independent-minded Vorarlberg features tranquil lakes, thundering waterfalls,
forested hills, wintry crags, castles, and lots of cheese. The Bregenzerwald
is a bedeviling land of velvety hills, granite spires, and villages studded
with dairies. Mouthwatering Alpine cheeses are produced along the Bregenzerwald
Cheese Road. The route is not so much a single road as a local network
linking dairy farms, shops and restaurants involved in producing these local delicacies.





Lake Constance
Lake Constance (known as the Bodensee in the local dialect) rests between the borders of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Rhine flows into the lake from the south, with its original course also serving as the natural Austro-Swiss border. The vibrant ecosystem surrounding Lake Constance has enriched all three nations, and can be credited with making Bregenz a vibrant and prosperous city through the ages. 

Locals love nothing more than a day by the lakeside, swimming, enjoying a picnic, or taking a romantic stroll. The lovely mountain views that surround the area contrast wonderfully with the placid waters to create an atmosphere unlike any other. Although very popular with tourists, and thus bustling with activity, there are also many quiet spots along the lakeside for those who want a peaceful place to sit and reflect.