Humble Beginnings

With a strong commitment to ingenuity, engineering and quality as a humble beginning, Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers established their sock and stocking factory here in Bregenz on the shore of Lake Constance back in 1950. With the arrival of circular knitting machines to create seamless stockings, plus the first integration of nylons in hosiery in Europe, the foundation of Wolford was built. Thus, Wolford was capitulated to becoming the leading global fashion brand of today for high quality and sustainable legwear, lingerie and bodywear.




Smart Innovation: We Have Always Loved Nerds

The basic premise of an innovation is novelty. Yet, novelty alone is not enough. For novel ideas to classify as innovations, they must be coupled with market success. At Wolford, we have weaved these dual forces, market acumen and novelty, into everything we have created for you since the very beginning. We embrace our masterminds and see their innovations as an essential part of our company´s DNA. The constant, fundamental search for bigger and better innovations is what allows us to continuously exceed expectations and raise industry standards as we learn and grow ourselves. In the 21st century, the playing field for individuals, companies and governments has become increasingly complex as we are confronted with profound environmental and social problems and face difficult questions about how to solve them. This previously unparalleled complexity has led to higher expectations being placed on individuals and companies. It has urged consumers as much as companies to place more critical checks and balances on the products they buy and businesses they support. For this reason, 21st century innovations have to go beyond the dual pillars of success of the past: being novel and successful. 21st century innovations need to be smart. This means that in addition to the innovation characteristics of old, innovations today need to fulfill social and environmental requirements while adding value for the consumer.



At Wolford, we are acutely aware of the stake that smart innovations have in making our world a better place and want to lead by example. We know that it is time to respond to the changing requirements that the environment and society place on us. Today, we evaluate innovations not only from technical or economic perspectives. Rather, we take into consideration the effects that new products and processes have on the environment and society. More than ever, this requires us to pool the collective knowledge of geniuses in all fields of the knitting and textile industry and beyond. Amongst others, we work with masterminds in research and development, knitting, dying, supply chain management, sustainability and quality control to provide you not only with the finest yarns and fibers on offer but also to ensure that all our products fulfill or surpass environmental and social requirements. It is our nerds that ensure that you do not only look and feel amazing while wearing our products but that you can also enjoy them in good conscience.








We are aware that the evolving demand for smart innovations entails considerable commitment and does not come cheap. However, we see it not as a barrier but as an opportunity for growth. When environmental and social aspects are considered all the way from product design to end-of-use, complex and costly adjustments can be avoided and solutions for better processes arise. While innovation is at our core, it is not only internally fostered. In reality, Wolford also consults a wide array of external masterminds and engages in strategic partnerships that allow for mutual advancement. To accelerate product innovation, and develop a more holistic understanding of our own actions and affected players, we are member of the Smart Textiles Platform Austria. Centered in Vorarlberg (Austria), which is considered the “Textile Silicon Valley”, this platform forms one of the largest textile consortiums in the world and focuses on smart innovation through the application of technical textiles. Besides facilitating collaborations, this platform strongly encourages international technology exchanges amongst textile companies and beyond industry boundaries (e.g. through the annual textile symposium SALTEX).